Cleaning Your Car

Tips on How to Clean Your Car

Whether you drive a recently-purchased Ford truck or well-traveled SUV, it’s important to keep up with routine car cleaning practices in order to ensure your vehicle’s interior remains hygienic and sanitary. Every time you go out shopping and load new items into your car, germs may transfer to your vehicle’s interior. Bacteria, viruses and other microbes can live on inanimate surfaces from a few hours to several days. That’s why the team at Five Star Ford of North Richland Hills is happy to provide you with helpful tips on how to clean your car’s interior. Please feel free to reach out to our Ford dealership in North Richland Hills, TX, for further information.


Do I Need to Disinfect My Car's Exterior?

The sun and other weather elements make it less likely for germs to live on the outside of your car long term. However, it’s still a good idea to sanitize high-touch areas like door handles and the gas cap.

What's the Best Way to Sanitize My Car's Interior?

Be sure to wash your hands before sanitizing your car. If you have disposable gloves on hand, it’s a good idea to wear them. Most common EPA-registered household disinfectants will work well for sanitizing your vehicle. Just be sure to read the product’s label to make sure it’s safe for the surface you’re planning to use it on. We recommend keeping disinfectant wipes and a small bottle of hand sanitizer in your car so that you can frequently wipe down high-touch areas.

How to Clean Leather Seats in My Car

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How to Disinfect Surfaces in My Car

The most important areas of your Ford to keep clean are the dashboard and the steering wheel. Bacteria tends to collect in these spots, as air is cycled throughout the vehicle. To clean your dash, simply use soap and water. Dish soap is a great option — simply dampen the surfaces you’re cleaning, then scrub for up to 30 seconds. Wipe down your steering wheel and dashboard with a disinfecting product frequently, and also focus on other high-tough areas within your vehicle. These surfaces can include:
  • Door Handles
  • Door Buttons
  • Key Fob
  • Steering Wheel
  • Inside Door Buttons
  • Seat Belts
  • Gear Shifters
  • Touchscreens
  • Buttons on the Dash
  • Buttons for Lights
  • Buttons for Windshield Wipers
  • Glove Compartment

Are There Disinfectants I Should Avoid Using in My Car?

If you want to avoid damaging your Ford model’s interior surfaces, don’t use bleach or hydrogen peroxide to disinfect. These can damage the vinyl and plastics in your cabin. You should also avoid any ammonia-based cleaning products used to clean glass, as they can break down the vinyl on the dashboard. Heat and light may then cause your dashboard to become sticky.

Contact Five Star Ford of North Richland Hills to learn more about car cleaning tips and tricks specific to your vehicle. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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