I have a 2004 Ford Escape that is stalling out while driving.

Question: I have a 2004 Ford Escape (early version) that is stalling out while driving. Typically after about 20 mins and going about 40mph it will just cut off. Pull over and starts again. NO CODES! This is not easy to recreate; is there a known problem/fix?

Response: Thank you for your response. Let me try to help you the best what I can.


Looking at what you provided me, I would suspect over/under voltage from the Alternator.  When this even occurs, it will leave no codes or indication that anything went wrong.  The vehicle just dies.  Since the alternator shuts down when the engine dies, the concern is no longer present until the alternator decides to act up again.  We have seen that concern here and we also have trouble diagnosing that concern here since is it hard to catch the alternator acting up with test equipment. Looking at my database, I have over 300 confirmed fixes for replacing the Alternator for an engine stalling concern on a 2004 Ford Escape 3.0L.


However if the vehicle is dying when you are off the throttle, then it is possible that the concern is the IAC valve (Idle Air Control).  That valve takes over to keep the engine running when you left off the throttle and coast.  However, I would think that if it was this valve, then restarting should be a problem until the valve cools down and you stated that the vehicle restarted with no problems.



I hope this help and leads you on the right track.


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