Doing a Ford MyFord Touch Master Reset

 Follow the steps below in order to complete a Master Reset:1.  Disconnect your phone or device from the USB port.  Remove Navigation card, or SD card from SD Card slot.  Disable Bluetooth on your phone. Failure to do this will delete data from your device.

2.  Locate the SETTINGS Menu (Gear image at the bottom in the center of the HOME screen).

Press the SETTINGS button on the left side of the Screen, then press SYSTEM.

3.  Use the Menu Slider on the right to scroll down to the bottom. Press MASTER RESET.


The system will warn you to be certain that nothing is connected to the system.  USB devices, phones, SD Cards (your Navigation card), will be deleted if they remain attached to the system.  Ford recommends that you disable your Bluetooth on your phone before performing a Master Reset.

4.  Your System is now reset back to Factory!  Your Home Screen should be displayed.  Press the upper left quadrant where it says ADD PHONE to pair your phone.

The system will walk you through the process of setting your phone up.

This is the display on the screen.

Your phone will ask something similar. If it asks to ALWAYS DO THIS? Check the Box.

Primary phone? Select FAVORITE. 

Set Auto Phonebook Download to ON.  It will update your phonebook every time you get in the car.


Watch your phone for prompts regarding this.  Check the Box that says to ALWAYS DO THIS.

911 ASSIST gets you emergency service when it is needed. Calls 911 automatically in an accident when the airbags are deployed. Set to ON.


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