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Phone and SYNC/MyFord Touch Connectivity Issues

Every couple of days, I am contacted by a guest who tells me something like “When I get in my car, my phone doesn’t work…  It hangs up… It doesn’t connect,” and other similar issues.

One of the most common issues with in-vehicle communications through Bluetooth is your own phone.  Just like any other device, such as a computer, it is wise to turn it off on a regular basis.

Often, when I ask, people will tell me “Of course, I turn it off every night.”  What they mean is that they plugged their phone in and put it on silent, or set the phone on its “lock screen.”  This is not the same thing as turning off your phone.  In most cases taking a few minutes to shut down your phone and then restart it will resolve the SYNC MyFord Touch communication issue.

When we never power down our home computer, data that is stored in the RAM (Random Access Memory) is never deleted.  It continues to occupy space on the computer’s hard drive, eventually slowing down the functions of the computer and causing errors.   Sleep mode and hibernate do not mitigate this issue, they actually extend it.  The exact same thing is true of our phones, the RAM can get overfilled.

Now, I know we all use our phones way too often to be turning them off and on all day, but if you have connectivity issues the first step is to “reboot” your phone by powering it down.

If this does not solve your connectivity issue check out our post about “Doing a Master Reset.”


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