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How to Make Phone Calls Using SYNC and MyFord Touch

By: Jimmie Mathews – SYNC Expert

Be sure to NOT click buttons multiple times. Just like any computer, this will slow the function down – it has to do what you asked it to.  Also, be sure to NOT hold the voice button for long.  Just depress and release, otherwise the system will think you mistakenly pressed the button.

Making a phone call – push the VOICE button and speak after the tone once it has prompted you.  SYNC is not listening until you hear a second beep.

To call someone in your phone book, simply say “CALL” and their “NAME”.

For instance, say “Call John Smith.” If there is more than one number, SYNC will ask “Call John Smith at Work, at Home, or on Cell?” Give the appropriate response after the tone. Of course, you can say instead, “Call John Smith on Cell, at Work, or at Home,” and you will save a step.

Receiving call – press Phone button and wait a moment before speaking for the call to connect.

Ending a call – hold the Phone button for 1-3 seconds or until the display reads “Call Ended.” Until this is displayed, the person on the other end of the call can hear everything you have to say!  I have explained this may times to people only to have them tell me how embarrassed they were the last time they did it…

Want to learn about SYNC or MyFord Touch? We have classes every Saturday:  SYNC Class at 9:30am, MyFord Touch at 11:30am.  FREE One-on-One sessions are also available on weekdays by appointment.  Call 817-498-8838 to schedule and please allow for 24 hrs. notice.


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