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Ford hosts safe driving event, Dallas, Fort Worth, TX


Looking to buy a safe new car from Ford? Last week, Ford Motor Company along with their Ford Driving Skills for Life program held a safe-driving forum in Queens, New York. The discussion and events were targeted toward teens and parents, and focused on life-saving driving skills and information.

The problems that face new teen drivers weren’t even a thought a decade ago. Smartphones are in the hands of nearly every teenager, and wearable technology looks to be the next big thing that may grow in popularity.  An informal survey done by one of the panelists at the forum found that mothers are now more concerned about their child being hurt or killed by a distracted driver than a drunk driver.

There have been laws passed to try and stop people from using their phones and other electronic devices when behind the wheel, but setting a good example for new drivers is even more important.

“We need parents to start educating their teens early,” said Jonathan Adkins of the Governors Highway Safety Association. “We need teen drivers to turn the phone off, slow down, and keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.”

New apps and other technologies are available to help parents monitor their teen drivers, such as geo-fencing smartphone apps and smart keys that limit a car’s speed and how loud the stereo can get. At the event, distracted driving was simulated using vision altering goggles, which showed guests how much driving while impaired can affect their driving.

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