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Tuesday Tech Tips – Setting Radio Stations


In the Center Stack, underneath the radio display, you will find the menu buttons to control your radio.  These controls will vary in placement dependent upon vehicle.  The featured photo is from the FORD ESCAPE. The top left button is the RADIO button. When pressed repeatedly, it will cycle through the pre-sets for AM 1, AM 2, FM 1, FM2, and FM 3.

Press the RADIO button (in other systems, it may say AM/FM) to cycle through AM and FM pre-sets. You can have up to 20 pre-set stations for AM radio in this system, up to 30 pre-sets for FM.  Many systems have a button on the steering wheel that is labeled M or Media.  This button can also be used to cycle through radio pre-sets, as well as other media options.

On the right-hand you can see the number pad.  This is where you assign your presets.  Essentially, you can have up to 30 FM radio preset stations (some systems will only allow 12 AM and 18 FM).

To set a station, simply tune to the station using the (+) or (-) at the top of the keypad. Using (+) and (-) tune to the desired station, then press a number key, holding it until the system makes a beep.

Below the buttons, there are four unlabeled buttons.  These buttons correlate to the images of buttons at the bottom of your screen above.  One of these on some systems will say DIRECT, meaning direct tune.  If you press the related button below, then you can use the number keypad to key in the station number. Wait a moment or press the DIRECT button to tune. Use the number keys to set presets.

Once you have preset stations, you can use the << and>> buttons to scan to your saved stations.

Come back soon to learn about other media options for SYNC and MyFord Touch.

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