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Tuesday Tech Tips – Using SYNC Services


Congratulations! You just got a new Ford!  You opted for a vehicle with either the SYNC or MyFord Touch without Navigation, but you still would like to get directions.

Ford has got you covered!  You can get directions and more with SYNC Services!

#1: You must have an ACTIVATED account at

All you need is to go to and sign up using your email address.  This is something that we will typically do for/with you before we deliver your vehicle.  You must create a password, entering your information on the website, including the primary phone that will be used in the vehicle.  This phone will be your communication device used for your Services account.

#2: You must also have an account with SYNC Services

SYNC Services is by subscription.  It is $60 per year, payable by credit card.  That said, some vehicles come with a complimentary SYNC Services account, if you have a 2014 (or previous) vehicle with MyFord Touch, you have a complimentary 3-year Services account.  On 2015 models, the complimentary account is 1-year.


Sync Services will get you many features:

Turn-by-Turn Voice Directions – plays through your audio system

Saved Points – You can create “Saved Points” at, you can also create them by voice command.

Saved Point #1 – Home?

Saved Point #2 – Mema’s House?

Saved Point #3 – Whatever you want!

411 Business Search – provides voice access to more than 14 million US Business listings

Send Directions from Mapquest – downloaded to your system for turn-by-turn directions

On-the-Road Traffic Information – receive warning for traffic incidents

Voice-Activated Features – News, Sports, Weather, Movie Listings, and more!

Voice Command for travel assistance while on the road



1. Press “Voice Button,” when prompted, say “Services.”

2. When prompted, say “Directions to <saved point>” or “Business Search”

to locate a business.

3. Follow the voice prompts to identify your desired destination.

4. Once your destination is selected, a route is downloaded into the vehicle’s

SYNC system.

5 Use the “Route summary” voice command to hear the full turn-by-turn instructions


1. Press ”Voice Button” and when prompted, say “Services.”

2. When prompted, say “Traffic to <saved point>” or “What are my choices?”


1. Press “Voice Button” and when prompted, say “Services.”

2. Say “Sports” and then the name of any sport such as “College Football, Professional Baseball, Professional Soccer, Hockey,” and More!

3. Say “News” and then a category such as “Top Stories,” “Business” or “Entertainment.”

4. Say “Weather” and then the name of the city and state or “What are my choices?”

5. Say “Help” at any time for a list of available commands. (Warning!!! Saying “Help” will get you a LONG list of options.  You can interrupt at any point by pressing the “Voice Button.”

I have a Smart Phone – Do I need to have a SYNC Account?

Your Sync Account provides you with more than just access to your SYNC Services Account.

VEHICLE HEALTH REPORT – by pressing your “Voice” button on your steering wheel, and saying “Vehicle Health Report” after the prompt, your vehicle will run a diagnostic using the OBD (On-Board Diagnostic).  Sync then uses your phone to send any codes generated to your account, which will then send you an email detailing everything checked and the status of your engine.  Your Sync account can also be set up to send you a text for an urgent issue!

With a Smart Phone, you can then receive the report by email!

I have a Smart Phone – Do I need to have a SYNC Services Account?

This part is up to you.  $60 per year for the Sync Services Account. Available for download to your Smart Phone, be it an Android or iPhone, is an App called Sync Destinations. This app is free in your iTunes or Google Play Store, and allows you to plan your drive, set up saved points, get real-time traffic information and more on your phone.

Google Maps is sometimes pre-installed on Android phones, or is at least free for download from your Google Play Store.  iPhones also have a navigation app available.  There are actually many different navigations apps available.  Many, like Google Maps, provide current traffic-flow and accident information as well.

What kind of DATA PLAN do you have with your phone?  This is very important.  I’ve heard of customers using a navigation app or other app that uses internet data who have received a $400 phone bill the next month because they forgot to turn the app off.

If you don’t know what your data plan is, I highly recommend finding out.

Want to learn about SYNC or MyFord Touch? We have classes every Saturday:  SYNC Class at 9:30am, MyFord Touch at 11:30am.  FREE One-on-One sessions are also available on weekdays by appointment.  Call 817-498-8838 to schedule and please allow for 24 hrs. notice.


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