5 Star Ford - North Richland Hills
5 Star Ford - North Richland Hills

Five Star Ford of North Richland Hills Career Opportunities

If you are interested in joining the dedicated team at Sam Pack's Five Star Ford in North Richland Hills, TX, we invite you to fill out and submit an online application.

Core Values

Integrity: The quality of being honest, having strong moral principles and doing the right thing at all times in all circumstances when dealing with our employees and when our employees are dealing with our customers.

Caring: Our commitment is to show kindness, sincere interest and concern for our employees and for our employees to do the same for our customers at all times.

Self Discipline: We gladly do what is right and what is best to meet our company’s standards whether anyone is looking or not.

Continuous Improvement: We are committed to providing the support, tools and training to our employees so that they can achieve their individual goals as well as our corporate goals while providing a best in class experience for our customers.

Fun: Creating a workplace culture that is an enjoyable, lighthearted and amusing for our employees and customers.

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Our Vision Statement

Creating a culture where our employees can LOVE their jobs and our customers LOVE our employees.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a best-in-class experience in such a way that our customers know we are their trusted friend in the automotive business.

Five Star Ford of North Richland Hills History

Mr. Sam Pack purchased Five Star Ford in 1991 and we have become one of the most successful Ford dealerships in the Nation.  Since 2005 Five Star Ford has been the #1 Volume Ford Dealership in Texas and in 2014 we finished #6 out of almost 3,000 Ford dealerships in the Nation. We are proud to be the ONLY Ford Dealership to have won Ford Motor Company’s Top Award, the Triple Crown, every year since its inception in 2001.  We currently employ over 275 people that are dedicated to taking care of our customers and each other.

Sam Pack chose the name Five Star Ford because of what the title represented. When you think of Five Star service you think of the very best, and that has been Sam Pack’s vision for all of his dealerships from day one.

If you are a team-player and are interested in joining the Five Star Ford of North Richland Hills team of automotive professionals, we invite you to fill out and submit the online application provided below.