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Tuesday Tech Tip – Customizing MyFord Touch Navigation


Points of Interest

One of the really great features of the navigation system in your vehicle is Points of Interest. With over 3 million points of interest there are tons of options for you.

Located in your Destination Menu, Points of Interest, or POIs, are pre-programmed destinations that you can search and navigate to.  At the top of the menu are 3 different categories: Favorites, All, and Recent.  Defaults under Favorites are: Fuel Station, Financial, All Restaurants, Accommodations, Parking, Coffee House & Café, Shopping, Electronics, Parks, and Airport.

POI Editing Favorites

Let’s say you are looking at the Favorites, and perhaps Parking is not an issue for you, but you want to have Rest Stops or RV Campgrounds in your favorites.

• Click the edit button on the category you want to change

• The system will list all the categories that you can enter in

• Under Recreation & Sports you will find: Beach, Bowling, Fitness Center, Golf (has multiple options), and Ice Arena make up the first page. To proceed to the next page, use the arrow at the bottom of the screen on the right to arrow down.

• Under Travel & Transportation you will find a list that begins with Accommodations and ends with Zoo & Botanical Gardens.

• On the next to last page you will find Rest Area and RV Park/Campground. Choose the one you want.

Favorite Destinations

What about your favorite destinations, such as Home or Mom and Dad’s House? Maybe a friend or family member whose address you’ve previously visited?

Simply go to your Destinations Menu, and select the Favorites tab. Choose an empty line and click the button labeled Add. The menu will provide you with options from your Destination menu: Previous Destinations, Point of Interest, Emergency, Street Address, Intersection, City Center, or Map.

Once you have added a Favorite, you can edit it for several things by clicking the Edit button. You can change the Name, the Location, Phone Number, and even select different icons to represent the Favorite. You can also set a Voice Name Tag up for the location.  This has to be enabled and allows you to use Voice Commands to skip steps navigating to the location. For instance, if I press the voice button and say, “Destination Home,” the system will navigate you home. Or “Destination  Mom’s.” In my case, “Destination Abuelo’s” will lead me to my favorite Mexican restaurant.

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