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Tuesday Tech Tips – Insurance Discounts for SYNC



Some do! Contact your insurance provider for more information.

Drive Safe & Save with State Farm

The discounts offered can range from 1% to 45% with State Farm; your insurance premium is based on the driving that you actually do. I have had customers tell me how much they loved the fact that they were getting a discount on their insurance premium because of the vehicle that they chose.  Not only did they get a great, safe vehicle at a great price, but they are also saving money on insurance!

Have an active SYNC account? Sign up for the Drive Safe & Save program and request a Vehicle Health Report within 30 days of enrolling. Press the voice button on your steering wheel and say “Vehicle Health Report. Your vehicle must have a minimum of 200 miles on the vehicle to run the report.  If State Farm is unable to obtain odometer readings, your State Farm agent will contact you. When enrolling, you will receive up to a 5% discount. If a Vehicle Health Report is not run within the first month, the initial participation discount will be removed.

Drive Safe & Save

For more information about the Drive Safe & Save Program, see a State Farm Agent, or visit their website at

How do I sign up for a Account?

Your Salesperson should have done this for you.  If not, please contact your salesperson to ensure it has been done.

You can also visit This website has numerous features for you. You will need your VIN for your vehicle, an email account, and you must provide the number of the primary/favorite phone that will be used in the vehicle. Vehicle Health Report is FREE!  You can also download updates for your SYNC or MyFord Touch system and install them yourself!

Want to learn about SYNC or MyFord Touch? We have classes every Saturday:  SYNC Class at 9:30am, MyFord Touch at 11:30am.  FREE One-on-One sessions are also available on weekdays by appointment.  Call 817-498-8838 to schedule and please allow for 24 hrs. notice.


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