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New SYNC Software Update is Available

A new software update is available for vehicles with the SYNC system.  This update will not work for MyFord Touch.  Details and benefits are listed directly below, with instructions on how to install it in your vehicle following.

This software update addresses the following issues:

Bluetooth© Connectivity Improvements:
•  Enhanced Bluetooth phone connection stability
•  Enabled track information to be displayed for Bluetooth-streamed media including metadata such as song title, artist name and album title
•  More robust Message Access Profile (MAP) functionality to handle SMS reception and Text2Speach output


Media Connectivity Improvements:
•  Improved media connectivity for USB-equipped Apple devices, as well as streamlined device initialization and authentication process
•  Previous USB or Bluetooth media source playback now resumed after ignition cycle


AppLink Functionality Improvements:
•  Better AppLink customer experience with more robust features and reliable functionality


How to install:

Unlike previous updates, this one does not include an automatic install feature.

What you need:  A Flash drive to download the update onto.  It does not matter if it is a new or old Flash Drive, but it must be formatted to FAT32, and be empty except for the software download.

Please visit to find your update (or, or Don’t forget your Username (your email) and the Password you or your salesperson set up.

Follow the instructions exactly as you see them listed on the page.  I can’t tell you the number of times that a flash drive was brought to me, and when I plugged it into the computer, the files were installed on the drive and not unzipped.

Are you ready? Here is how to install your software update using the menu features on your vehicle.  Do keep in mind that not all vehicles are set up exactly the same, location of buttons and menu items may vary slightly.  You are looking for the MENU button, your Up-Down, Left-Right, buttons, and your OK button. Start your vehicle.  An install may take up to 30 minutes, and you must keep your engine running while the software is updating (if you are running in accessory mode, the power will shut down after 20 minutes: you would have to start over).  It would be a good idea to pull your vehicle out of the garage to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

This is a 2015 Ford Focus that I used.  The text is related to the photos directly below each set of instructions.

Locate your Menu button.  Once you have located it, simply press it.

It will bring up a menu similar to this on most 2013 models, or newer.  Navigate using the Left-Right and Up-Down Buttons and your “OK” button.   If you have a different screen displaying, you may need to use your left button to go back.  Press your “OK” button once you have found “SYNC-Settings.”

You will find a number of other menu options that you can look at on the way.  DO NOT press “OK” while MASTER RESET is selected unless you intend to.  If you ever intend to press MASTER RESET, be certain you have nothing plugged into your USB and that your Bluetooth is turned off on your phone, if you do.  You will delete all data off of any connected device.  Wanting a new phone?  There are better ways to go about getting one.

The feature you are looking for is Install on SYNC.  Press “OK.”

Once you have Pressed “OK, “ the following screen should be showing on your display.  If you forgot to plug in your flash drive, now is your chance!  If you press the “OK” button now, it will begin the installation.  If, by chance, the “OK button does not activate the installation, press the button below the screen that is directly related to the Yes “button” on the screen.

The software install can take up to 30 minutes to complete, so be patient.  Keep your engine on, and pull your vehicle out of the garage.  Don’t be impatient.  If your download is interrupted (I pulled it out too early, thinking it was done), it will display on the screen to re-insert USB.

After doing this update, you will have to pair your phone back up with SYNC.

The process will be slightly different on an older vehicle

On a 2012 Fiesta, I had to go into the PHONE menu.  From there I went to “System Settings.”  I looked for “Advanced,” and that is where I found “Install Applications.”  Everything was easy from there.

After installing, I quickly tested the system (not for everything), and can verify that the system does indeed do most of what is listed.  Some of the features are phone dependent, and neither my phone, nor the customer’s phone are capable of all of the features.


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